Traditional marketing VS Digital marketing | How to decide

For any business owner, it is important to have a marketing strategy such as Traditional marketing or Digital marketing to reach their targeted customer.

It is really important for any business to have a market budget and Its equally important to spend those budgets in the right way to make most out of it.

How can you decide to choose between Digital Marketing and Traditional marketing to reach your target audience or customer?    

Let us discuss the key difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional marketing.

After discussing the difference between them, you will get an insight which helps you decide which methodology suits better to your business.

Before we discuss the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital marketing, let us know what marketing really means.     

Marketing: A set of activities such as research, publicity, merchandising, and sales which play a key role in creating awareness of a business firm. It includes advertising, providing service to consumers or other businesses and selling.

Let us discuss what is Traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing is a broad category which incorporates various forms of advertising and marketing strategies.  It is the most common marketing strategy with advertising we see every day such as TV broadcast, print media such as newspapers, radio, and telephone.  Out of all these advertising techniques, print marketing is one of the oldest forms of traditional marketing. Nowadays, print marketing refers to advertising in newspapers, printed materials for distributions and magazines, brochures and billboard signs, etc. Traditional marketing involves direct mails such as flyers, postcards, catalogs, and telemarketing.    

 Door to door selling also comes under traditional marketing where business salesman goes door to door to sell the products or give a demo of the products. It is also called as “Outdoor acts”. This marketing type needs a lot of time, money and efforts to reach the customers/ audience. 

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Approachability to local customers is easy: With the help of Traditional marketing, we can reach the local customer who will consume the goods or services becomes easier. It helps the business owners to directly take the feedback from customers/consumers and alter services to get better results and profits.    

With the help of Traditional marketing, cost of promotional material can be reduced by using/ recycling the material used earlier. This will not only reduce the cost but also reduces the efforts to create the material again.    

Traditional marketing is very much familiar to everyone, people understand and relate and understand the advertisement better. This helps us to reach and create a reliable customer base.    

Traditional marketing involves hard copies of marketing, such as newspapers, billboards, and flyers, etc. Studies on marketing suggest that marketing done on the hard copy are easier to recall and process.

Traditional marketing has a high success rate. Studies suggest that Traditional marketing has a positive impact on the business which opted it in the past.  

Disadvantages of Traditional marketing

Although traditional marketing methods were successful in the past, it has many disadvantages, with the rapid increase in Internet usage. Let us discuss the disadvantages of traditional marketing.   


Traditional Marketing approach uses commercials or static text to promote a product or service which will be printed in the newspapers. This cannot be changed until another ad or commercial. It consumes a lot of time and effort to change or update the ad. Which creates an issue to a business which changes its inventory or services rapidly.   


Traditional marketing requires more funds compared to Digital marketing. A business owner should pay for newspapers ads, mailers every time it runs a new campaign. It is expensive than the digital marketing approach.    

Hard to measure ROI

When we follow the Traditional marketing technique, it becomes difficult to measure how successful was the marketing campaign since there are no numbers to measure.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy which involves internet to reach targeted customers or audience to promote business or services. With the help of Digital marketing, a business owner can reach the customer directly/personally through social media, email, text message and display advertising, etc.

Unlike traditional marketing which has limitations, Digital marketing uses various techniques and methods such as SEO search engine optimization, SEM search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and social media marketing, etc to promote a business.

It is a dynamic approach of marketing that helps a business owner to reach a wide range of audience/potential customers.

Digital marketing includes a wide range of platforms such as social media like Instagram, Facebook, and twitters, Business networking sites such as LinkedIn, promotions via emails, paid pop-ups, and blogs, etc.

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Advantages of Digital marketing

Cost efficiency: With the help of digital marketing approach, you can reach your target customer, increase the brand value of your business and advertise your product/services with minimal cost.

Huge returns: With the help of digital marketing approach, you can expect a huge return since you can reach potential customers much effectively and increase your business sales.

Easy to measure: In this approach, you can measure the results ROI easily and accurately. Digital marketing gives transparency to measure the results to check if the advertising strategies actually working or not.

Easy to adjust: When you follow Digital marketing strategies, you can alter the information you use to promote based on your requirement at any given point of time.  

Brand development: Digital marketing unleashes enormous opportunities to improve/create a brand value to your business with minimal efforts and cost.

Precise target: You can reach your target precisely to increase sales and develop brand value which is not possible when you use traditional marketing.  

Global:  With the help of Digital marketing, you can reach the audience worldwide. You can reach the audience globally and showcase your business to create awareness and improve your brand value using Digital marketing techniques.

Engaging You can use engaging content to attract potential customers while using Digital marketing approach. You can post/share your information much creatively to attract the viewers/customers.  

Which marketing strategy is better?

It becomes very important for a business especially when it is a start-up to choose a marketing approach which best suits its requirements and economy. Many businesses struggle to decide which marketing will help them the most to meet their requirements. This is due to various reasons, the primary and most important factor among those in the budget. Deciding between traditional marketing and digital marketing is not easy since it will have a huge difference in their business growth and sales. How will you decide between Traditional and Digital marketing? What all are the factors which needs to be taken care of while choosing a marketing approach?

Let us discuss parameters you must consider while choosing a marketing approach for your business.

Traditional marketing Vs Digital marketing

Digital marketing over traditional marketing has bigger platforms which are constantly improving their services such as Google and Facebook which drives a wide range of audience.

With the help of Digital marketing, you can target customers based on the type of their interests, location, and other information which defines their personality.

In digital marketing, we can segregate customers or an audience based on their interests and show showcase the posts which suit them better which will gradually create lookalike audiences. 

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, uses a particular sector of a population and location-based data to advertising a business. This information can soon be stripped back since a lot of competitive companies may process your data without you noticing it and use it for their marketing.

Targeting customers with Digital marketing is much more precise and straight forward when compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing helps you identify the most profitable customer type and appeal to them and show specific ads which will resonate their needs at the right moment. 

Comparing Digital marketing and Traditional marketing, we can say that digital marketing is a much more efficient and effective way of marketing since it saves a lot of time, cost and efforts and increases the audience reach. Hence Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.


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