How the right content marketing strategies will help your business to grow organic traffic

Know Your Audience and Give Them What They Want

In the age of complex algorithms and fierce competition in the field of digital marketing content marketing strategies play a key role in driving organic traffic to your website. Content marketing is no longer words woven into sentences, paragraphs with few keywords embedded here and there in the content. To be able to rank your content high in the web search one needs to apply few well crafted content marketing strategies.

Build More Targeted Landing Pages

To sell your product you need to convince the buyer with its specific qualities and how it differs from other products. Here is where Targeted Landing Pages come to rescue in your content development strategy. Targeted landing pages offer more specific information about the product which essentially describes the particular persona of the product or service. According to one survey it helps improve conversion rates. In a study conducted by Insightera, account based marketing converts four times more traffic than generic marketing towards wider audience bases. Targeted landing pages also improves your SEO because now with these pages you have opportunity to include more keywords.

Audience Segmentation

Every person on the earth has his own disposition when it comes to how he consumes data. Therefore treating one person as a part of one huge crowd would be ultimately mean digital marketer has one consumer less. In order to drive more people to your website you need to keep in mind the fact that consumers are educated and decisive and know what they want. Therefore, with audience segmentation you can achieve greater engagement by designing a landing page which caters to their unique need.

Know Your Audience and Give Them What They Want

Knowing the people you want to serve is one of the significant aspects of content marketing strategies with business as it is where all the clues lie for developing the strategies. It helps you choose the right media, right messages to give and eventually converting them into full-time customers. Create a customer persona in advance so that you will have an overall idea of how probable are they to buy your products. This can be done by analyzing the existing user base of a competitor or knowing your clients personally. Getting to know the external social habits by plugging into social conversations your target audience has with your competitors helps in getting deeper insights on newer angles of targeting which otherwise you might have not considered before.

Focus on facts and think tactically

After having gained knowledge about the user base as a whole you need to really wrangle with the nitty-gritty of the fact to their barest level. This may include percentage of people engaged in each category or the time of their engagement or the number of products users are looking for or their social media behavior in terms of how many views a particular post is getting. This would all add up in deciding what tactics one can adopt to implement any content marketing strategy.