How content marketing will help you grow organic traffic-segment 3

As discussed in the previous article, choosing the right content marketing strategy will help you to grow organic traffic to your website and help you generate leads. Let us discuss some more strategies which will help you boost your website traffic organically. 

Think logically and focus on the facts: 

It’s always important to focus on the current scenario and the strategy which you are going to follow in order to tackle the situation. Do not jump to conclusions or actions as your senior executive orders or request you, you should always look forward to put your points front through brochure to promote your new product or write a press release to support your product launch, or start a social media campaign. Most of the marketers follow manager or clients instructions to take up tasks which have little strategic use in it due to pressure. Those you brief you may not understand how to communicate effectively/public relations activities and board organizational/client goals rather than being just a product promoter 

If someone is asking you to do this without discussing any details, you should be able to explain the situation and facts else you will be at risk. 

Doing the right thing:

Market experts observed that doing the right thing is most important than doing thing right. Another market expert said it is absolutely useless to do something efficiently which should not be done in the first place. Sooner or later, your value will be questioned if you continue to do low level stuff or you do something only when you are told to do so by the people who don’t think logically or people who don’t understand communication. However, you can turn a conversation to more strategic one. 

If you look closely at the context of the request and observe it as to how you can best support corporate goals and objectives. This can be the foundation to prepare communication plan responding to the request, however, you can directly support the corporate and operational priorities.  While speaking or meeting with other people or a committee, you need to ask some vital questions which will add value to the task. You can also ask questions and increase the respect and response given to you:

Lead by asking questions:

Engaging or asking questions, is an effective and powerful way to guide the other person to take a more strategic point of view. It is vital for you to guide the other person from their limited understanding to a better way of thinking by asking tactful questions such as

  • Do you think it would work…?
  • What about…?
  • Will you considered doing …? etc.

A perfect example of how could you redirect someone from a bottom or low-level approach to a more strategic and effective approach is to ask questions like:

  • “is it effective to release a media announcement to drive new product launches, with respect to the organizational goals? Do you think we could look to create a more coordinated campaign that reinforces the message in several ways.”
  • “Do you believe single marketing strategy will fulfil our needs? How about reinforcing the message to other channels and avenues? Can we provide more interactive and lasting way to it?

By doing so, you are not pointing your thoughts and ideas towards the other person, or making them feel low but you are allowing them to show some ownership of the approach you suggest.  

Gain your role:

Always aim to lead them to agree for you to put forward your ideas for a two way communication and plan for an approach which will satisfy the need and also have logic.most of the PR are of low-cost. Hence you would not need a lot of funding to get extra work, which is an  added advantage to the case you are handling.

You should be able to make them understand the points and ideas which they need to include in the planning and future activities. Hence it is important to as questions and gently suggest things such as..

  • What is more important to customers/ stakeholders / publics / target audiences?
  • What do we want out of this? Will we be able to meet that requirement with this idea?
  • what will it take to make them do that?
  • What changes do we have to make from our end to accommodate stakeholder views in this matter? So that we have a win-to-win situation
  • is it possible to integrate another tactic with ours for better leverage?

Be positive:

In order to try and move other people and take a strategic approach, you should not disagree head-on with them in order to put your own views which are not supported since it will backfire. Try to come up with a logical and practical way to explain your point which will help you to make them understand and approve your point and views. Let us see some of the ideas to make positive comments which are respectful to the other person or group:

  • Offer a  genuine praise and credit them for the common views they share and conclusions.
  • Pick up on the best and the most interesting aspect they have.
  • Redirect them to think in the other direction as well. “This approach should position you really well.”
  • “If we do it this in a different way, it will be easier to go to the next steps.”
  • “The ROI which will be generated for this approach will be useful to other projects.”
  • Be flexible in thinking

Being prepared to get out of your comfort zone and make strategic approach with your seniors and clients will help you become a successful marketer and grow in your career.

Target the audience with adoptive content:

Most of the companies target for Millennials while considering AI. both marketers and brands compete with each other in providing engaging digital experience to their prospective customers  

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can help you to scale by converting unwanted marketing spam into engaging and thought-provoking content, which is also called as “experiential marketing.” A great example is Delta Airlines using Artificial intelligence to deliver personalized and hyper-relevant marketing based on customer data.


It is  important to choose the right content marketing strategy to help your business grow organic traffic. With the help of proper landing page, you can create an impact on your audience and convert  them into customers.  

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