How content marketing will help you grow organic traffic-segment 1

A right Content Marketing Strategies will help your business to grow organic traffic. Before we discuss how to create organic traffic using content marketing strategies, let us know what is content marketing is. 

Content marketing is a strategic approach which is used to create consistent and relevant content in order  to attract the targeted audience to drive profitable customer action.Content marketing is a long term strategy which focuses on building strong relationships with audience/customers. 

Let us discuss the content marketing benefits.

With the help of Content marketing you can have your customers/audience engaged with your site. This will help you create more opportunities make your brand familiar to your customers and build trust. Apparently, this will help you in high conversion rates. Grate conte make your users stay on your site longer. 

Content marketing helps to create High visibility rate in search engine. It will increase visible traffic to your website. You can reach audience globally with lower marketing price which is the major Content marketing  advantage ,

Let us discuss some of the Content marketing strategies which help a business to reach a wide range of audience. 

The content which you are posting should be authentic, transparent and valuable to interact with audience. You must build Target landing pages, which are optimized and targeted specifically for the keywords which are identifiable during keyword research. 

Make sure the landing page header draw attention of the reader, this is important because the first few moments upon the arrival, the reader comes to the decision whether to continue reading or not. Hence, the header should be attractive and clear which conveys the content which is below it. 

Page which contains the content should be optimized as per the SEO parameters this helps your page to appear on the top of the search list when a user searches for relevant content on the search engine. This will increase the chances of converting potential customers to customers and develop your business. 

A page should contain good visual elements usage of graphics make a landing page interesting provided, they should be used in a proper way. Too many graphic visuals which do not make sense to the type of content you are posting may compromise customer impression.Avoid using boring and lame photographs which are not adding any value to your content. 

It is advisable to use your own graphics if you know how to create one, but it is important to keep in mind that the graphics which your are using is relevant and enhancing your landing page content. This will help your conversion rates from the landing page itself. As per the study conducted by a software company, it has been observed that even though site has good traffic, their landing pages were getting merely 20% conversion rate with higher bounce rate of 80%. 

After the conversion of graphics and visual elements, conversion rates raised rapidly. They actually reduced the usage of meaningful icons and focused on relevant white papers their visual element which has worked exceptionally well for their visitors. 

In order to capture visitor attention, a landing page must have  good video. This will not only engage the visitor/viewer but also creates a positive impact on your website. In addition to this, good visual elements to convey your content or message will increase your chances of conversion rate rapidly. Apparently, video is a powerful tool which not only catches visitors’ attention but also engages them. In a recent study, It is been proved that people who watched video campaigns were 60% in favour of purchasing the product or using the services shown on the video. 

A user page should have trust elements.

It is really important to have a Trust element in the landing page since it is an important commodity online. Since your target audience do not have any past reference about your brand or products you are providing, it is really important to include trust elements which will assure them that your are reliable. 

In fact there are several trust elements which you can be included in your website which will help to remove the fear and mistrust visitors may have while making the decision. These elements include awards from recognized organizations, privacy policies which you include, certifications you provide, and the reviews your customers have given. In addition to this, there are other trust elements such as inclusion of publications which feature your brand. 

Clear call to action:

In order to have higher conversion rate of targeted  audience your landing page should have a clear call to action content. Without this your page will be utterly useless for its time and resources it has been assigned. 

It is important to have in mind to place a clear call to action button right next to “submit”, “Subscription buttons which are placed  strategically throughout the body of your landing page. 

Correspondingly, it  is important to ensure call to action is prominent but no distracting or annoying especially in color scheme and state of action your visitor  needs to take to proceed to the next step. 

Landing page should be mobile responsive:

In this today’s generation where internet is accessible anywhere anytime through mobile phones and other guagets, it is important to ensure that a landing page is mobile responsive and adaptable to its interface. For instance, a user or a potential customer opens your website landing page on his/her mobile page, the landing page should be responsive to the mobile phone screen. This will not only help you reach your potential customers much more effectively, but also have greater chances of conversion rate. Since people access the internet on their devices such as mobile phones and tablets and most commonly ignore the websites which are not responsive landing pages, your chances of conversion decreases. Hence it is really important to create your landing page in such a way that it is responsive to mobile phones and understandable

Tested for effectiveness:

A website landing page should be tested for effectiveness before it can effectively be used in search engine optimization. Testing a landing page will let you tweak into the potential bugs and other disturbing elements which need to be changed in order to avoid any crash in the future. It is best to address bugs and disturbing factors or designs before it reaches your targeted audience which lead you lose your chances of conversion. There are several metrics which can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the page which also includes the bounce rate, the time visitors spend on your page and the number of unique customers on the page which decides the conversion rate. Hence it is really important to test the effectiveness of a website before launching it or making it available to the viewers or putting it into public domain.  

Landing pages are very important tools in PCC and Search engine optimization campaigns. These pages play an important role in turning online traffic into valuable conversions either through commencement of sales or through generation of leads. 

Without any conversion rate, all the Digital marketing efforts go into vain, hence it is advised to spend time on the creation of landing pages and test its effectiveness so that it is fully optimized. By doing so, you can get highly targeted landing page for your SEO and PPC campaigns which will give you great results. 

Segregate your audience to engage them better: 

It is really important to segregate your audience in order to engage them in a better way since there are different types of people in the audience with totally different mindsets. Hence it is really important to segregate them depending on various factors to decide as to what type of module will engage them accordingly. 

Geographical location:

It is easy to segment people by their geographic location. Usage of application has its own segments when  compared between two different geographic locations. By segregating by location, you can send more specific messages to your audience such as invitation to your business, push notifications and offers for special deals in your locality. 

Observer potential customer actions:

You can segregate customers by their actions for instances when a customer downloads the app, place them in new customer’s segment so that you can send them a prompt message. 

Send them notifications and observe their actions towards the notifications. By observing the type of products they add to their cart, the games they play, the books they read and other parameters, you can identify the customer type and decide as to which type of customers suits you. 


It is  important to choose the right content marketing strategy to help your business grow organic traffic. With the help of proper landing page, you can create an impact on your audience and convert  them into customers.  

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