Digital Marketing strategy for Start Up Businesses

2019 is the year that we are seeing digital marketing start ups finally making their presence felt on a global stage. They have embraced digitization but real growth has yet to take effect. The exciting news is start up’s have made all their initial effort to be updated in the domain but they are yet to see real results.
Here are some digital marketing strategies especially for start up’s to move up to the next stage in the field.

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing
For growth in 2019 marketing strategy for start up, have to start broadening their horizons from traditional concepts. Now is the time to concentrate on CX the customer experience. It has been noticed that most start ups now have a blog but the way forward is to make the blog data-driven so it can help in forecasting for customers. A data driven blog should become part of the content strategy. To begin they can start by doing a study on what the buyer needs and there are several tools at our disposal for this. Apart from keyword tools one should look more at what the customer wants to know and need rather than wasting your time on topics nobody is interested in. We know from psychology, need is driven by pain, so a marketing strategy for start up, can start by inquiring on the B2B and B2C customers and what exactly they are looking for and what they lack that make them suffer. Then look at supplying content which would remove their pain points. Most customers take in a lot of online content before reaching out to a sales rep, so the trick is to relieve their inquiries by relevant content. They are many digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad who have taken this stand looking ahead.Highlight reel stuff that looks awesome in a montage backed https://writemypaper4me.org/ by a white zombie song

2. Inbound Marketing/ SEO

Learn SEO
A good base of content can also be the corner stone for your inbound SEO strategy. After all the research on the content now it’s time to make it effective by a pro-active SEO strategy. Look at using long tail keywords with data driven content. Studies point out that 71% of customers use search engines like Google to research their demands. The key will be in balancing SEO strategy with a unique user experience. You must check all SEO statistics and link it to the user experience. The trick here is to balance the SEO keywords with effective content that addresses customer’s pain points or disillusionment on a subject. The final idea is to link the user with your pages and give a great CX customer experience.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing
The potential of social media is immense to target a large group of your potential customers in an informal forum. Over 60% of start ups are looking at increasing their Facebook advertising efforts. You just have to make a target profile of the kind of companies and people you are targeting then create that profile on the Facebook Ad Manager. There is also an opening to remarket pixel which target your website visitor and look at targeting more like them. Depending on your marketing objectives you can make campaigns that generate leads, drive traffic, increase engagement, develop brand awareness, install apps, increase sales, and get video views. Other options with the Ad Manager include type of ad, campaign objectives, and type of audience, budget and scheduling.

4. Responsive Web Design

Branding Company
Look at having a responsive web design which adapts to all designs desktop, tablets and phones and generally uses HTML and CSS which automatically resize, hide, shrink or enlarge a website. 94% of marketing strategy for start up , don’t look into this and miss out on a big market of customers who use tablets and smart phones to do their business. Make sure your website uses AMP which is accelerated mobile presence so that loading is fast as the customer is impatient and it makes a great CX customer experience. You must aim for more engagement with a smart AMP strategy. It means having fast loading pages , and quick performing scripts for submissions of forms that go faster. They are some very good digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad who make sure of this.

5.Marketing Automation

Online Marketing
Now since we have stated the way forward for a marketing strategy for startup is to give a delightful user experience you have to upgrade your methods for the point of contact with the customer. It should help in easier communication, hassle free process which also helps in product comparison. This answers one of the customers biggest pain point of having to wait long for the sales rep. The biggest advantage of automating the marketing process it helps by being consistent on its messaging platforms may it be e mail, digital ads, and all channels which connect you to the customer.

6.E mail marketing

Email marketing
E mail marketing becomes very effective for marketing strategy for startup as it can update information through newsletters which will help retain the customer in the long run. You can think of reusing your content through this channel of a lot of your content. You can redirect leads back to your website with carefully planned email strategy.


To conclude we notice that start ups are behind B2B and B2C customers in their digitization, these points mentioned above will help connect the start up with the digital revolution and keep him up to date with the changing times. It is undoubtedly a great time to be a start up as long as you have the infrastructure and can keep the CX customer experience on top of your priority addressing Industry pain points and being relevant with effective digital marketing strategies. A lot of digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad are embracing this change which is the best way forward for startups to be relevant, dynamic and ready to meet the changing digital platforms of the B2B and B2C customers.