Choose the right social media platform for your business | Tips

Choosing the right social media platform for business plays a significant role in its development. It is really important to understand the purpose of each social media platform. Small scale business owners find it difficult to market their business on social media platforms. It takes a lot of time and effort to market a business/service in the market if you fail to choose the right social media platform for the business

We have a considerable number of social media platforms lists such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms offer a unique set of benefits to engage audiences and drive results for a business. 

It is important to strategize on spending the resources while marketing your business. To avoid wastage of time and resources, it is really important to focus on finding the best social media platform which best suits your requirements.

Let us discuss the key factor which you need to consider while choosing a social media platform for your business.

5 Tips for Picking the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

  1. Observe on which platform does your potential customers spend time. 

In order to convert potential customers into customers and improve your business, you need to ask yourself a simple question, who is your targeted customer?

Once you come to a conclusion about your target, you can analyze which platform do they spend most of their time on. After you find out this information, observe what your customer is doing on social media, what are they seeking and how they interact with the platform. Consider various factors such as demographics such as location, gender, and age. 

If a target audience is millennials, it is to choose Instagram. It is essential to observe the audience’s behavior and how they discover brands and businesses on social media platforms. 

If you have a local business, Facebook gives you a great opportunity to interact with the local community and build awareness of your brand. 

  1. Depend on numbers  rather than assumptions.

As per your business requirements and goals, it is important to understand where your audience is heading. Let us see observe the Examples of social media platforms that will help you identify the type of customers available on them. Instagram is widely used by the customers who seek for fashion and entertainment. 

 As per the latest reports, 93% of Pinterest users plan to purchase based on the visual of the product whereas 81% of the users are females. As per the recent survey, it is observed that 95% of Instagram and Facebook users follow the same pattern. 

In addition to this, you must take a keen look at the website traffic. If the majority are female users, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for your business. 

Know where your competitors stand in the market. 

It is really important to understand where your business competitors stand in the market. It is also important to observe where your business contenders are strong at. Know in which areas are they strong, are the social media influencer or their brand stands out to you?  

While searching for social media experts,  you need to ensure that they have a  thorough knowledge to give you the solutions accordingly. Understanding your competitive landscape will help your business to build a strategy to target brand ambassadors, the audience to purchase the products you provided and also remember your brand on a social level. 

  1. Maintain consistency. 

It is important to maintain consistency in order to get the best out of social media marketing. You may have all the knowledge and analysis of your contenders and numbers but, maintaining consistency is the key factor for social media management. Ensure you have a business logo which can be uploaded as your profile picture across all the platforms.

Consistency is the key factor to make people remember your brand and who you are. 

  1. Do not post the same content on all the platforms. 

It is important to keep in mind that you should not post the same content on all platforms to engage the audience or customers. One of the biggest no-nos in social media marketing is posting the same content on all platforms. It gives your audience and impression that you are lazy and redundant. Take time to decide the type of content you should post on each platform. Keep in mind that each platform can be used for different purposes and acquire a different set of customers. Always remember that the content you post on social media platforms should not exceed the permissible level to engage your audience without boring them. Strategize your approaches while choosing the right social media platform for your business and brand promotion and business expansion. 

  1. How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business.

For SMEs and startup businesses, social media is key to building a local network, growing brand awareness and developing an all-important engagement with potential customers. Whilst this may be a ‘truth universally acknowledged’ however, many businesses struggle to get their social media campaigns off the ground. First, they have problems making a clear-cut decision to get started, and second, they fail to build enough momentum to maintain the journey.

The problem – nine times out of ten – comes down to the plethora of choice businesses face when considering their social media strategy. There’s no need to try and master all of them, all at once. In fact, such an endeavor would most probably be doomed to failure. Instead, it’s worth starting by considering:

What platform does your customer base gravitate towards?

What are your business goals for using social media?

Which Social Media Platforms Do Your Customers Use?

Before you end up choosing the wrong social media platform for your business promotion, it is important to have a clear picture of who your customers are and their age range they fall in. The average income is and why they need your products. Hence, it is your responsibility to match your products to different platforms as per the type of customers/users. 

Let us see a few examples of a list of social media platforms in India which has the potential to draw customers to your business when used wisely.

Twitter – It has a reputation to provide breaking news and insights into the industry by sharing valuable resources. With the help of hashtags, you can have access to the trending areas and particular conversations that are key to your brand. 

Facebook –It helps you build the relationship and grow networks through friends and similar interests. With over 2 billion active users, it is a great platform to build a network and attach your product, develop brand loyalty and articles, resources that are linked to your brand. 

Pinterest – This is about visual content, and it has a rapid growth in followers.  It is a great platform to be part of with great photo opportunities.

 LinkedIn – It has become a networking hub for professionals and the public. It is essential to understand that LinkedIn has the oldest demography. It helps to have access to leaders, recruiting professionals, and job seekers.

YouTube – This is the biggest social media platform in the market out there. You can use this platform to explain,  demonstrate, and teach. You will have the freedom to express, offer viewers an experience, rather than advertising. You don’t have to be a professional film-maker to make a video.

Instagram –This is a platform with the youngest base. It uses photos to converse and connect. it’s pretty easy to grab the audience if you have good post content.


Hence it is really important to choose the right social media platform for your business since it decides the overall reach to your targeted audience. It has been observed that many business owner has chosen wrong social media platforms for their business promotion which let them lose their targeted audience. Hence it is really important to choose the right social media which will suit your business module and have the scope to reach your target audience. We at Meraki Digital Studios with our experience in the market, can help your reach your targeted audience from the right social media platform which eventually increase your business.